University of Hull


    Aimed at Level 5 learners, the learning had to be engaging, while ensuring that all important information was conveyed. The content had to work across all platforms, tablet devices and PC and also include video and elements of interactivity.

    How we did it

    Our team built a dynamic HTML5 framework that took the best bits of traditional eLearning courses and combined them with the benefits of newer technologies. This provided a format that would work across all devices and could be easily expanded. We also created unique interactive exercises to check knowledge and integrated third party solutions, Dropbox and Skype to provide a fully connected training programme.

    Working closely with Professors Dr Jim Gilbert and Dr Phil Rubini we translated their expertise of engineering into a more eLearning friendly format, using video and 3D animation to demonstrate more complex topics.

    The Results

    The course has enabled the university to grow the department by allowing students to remain in the workplace while studying for their Degree and Masters Courses. The HTML5 framework has been widely adopted by the department and is being repurposed for many future courses. If you would like more information about this project contact us 01507 610043.