CAPITA - Teachers' Pensions


    Teachers' Pensions are responsible for administering teachers’ pensions on behalf of the government and support the employers of teachers throughout England and Wales.

    The objective was a series of eLearning courses to guide staff through key processes in managing the scheme as part of their role and responsibility as an employer. The courses had to provide a stimulating, engaging and easy-to-follow overview of each of the processes for the users. The aim is that by providing the courses in this format it will reduce the number of calls to the call centre.

    It was also a key requirement that the client would be able to easily update the constantly changing data and facts that appear within the course.  


    How we did it

    To deliver eLearning that could easily be changed without expert knowledge meant reassessing the usual form of eLearning delivery. To this end the modules have been created within PowerPoint. Once complete, they are then exported using Adobe Presenter for uploading to the web. Creating the modules in this format meant that large amounts of content could be developed in a short amount of time whilst ensuring the client can retain control over the editable files. 

    Each module contained bespoke illustrations to support the content and give the resource a clean, unique style.

    We also made the resource interactive by developing relevant activities to encourage user participation and reinforce learning (e.g. multiple choice style questions).

    The Results

    Our client was so pleased with our work and the feedback they received that they require further learning modules creating.  If you would like more information about this project contact us 01507 610043.